East Providence Asphalt Art Project



Deadline: Friday March 18, 2022

Project Description

The East Providence Arts Council (EPAC), in partnership with the City of East Providence, is seeking qualifications from artists or artist teams to design and implement an asphalt artwork in East Providence, Rhode Island. The asphalt artwork will be a series of intersection and crosswalk murals installed on Mercer Street and Fort Street between 5th and 7th Street, in the vicinity of Agnes B. Hennessey School and the Pierce Memorial Field Complex. This project is made possible by the Bloomberg Philanthropies Asphalt Art Initiative grant program. This project aims to improve pedestrian safety in the vicinity of the school and enhance connectivity between the school and Pierce Field through the installation of intersection and crosswalk murals, as well as other site enhancements to be designed and installed by the City. The selected artist or artist team will develop a community-informed design concept and engage community volunteers and Hennessey Elementary students and families in the installation of the murals. The final design must be based on community input, and be a project that invites community participation in its execution. City staff will oversee overall project management, community engagement, and design/implementation of pedestrian safety interventions; the East Providence Arts Council will oversee artistic direction and manage the project budget.

Project Timeline

March 18th, 2022, 5:00 PM EST

Submission Deadline. All submissions are to be sent directly to EPAC via the EPAC website.

Late March, 2022

Selection Panel reviews submissions and selects candidate.

April 2022

Community engagement, outreach events in partnership with selected artist(s) & community stakeholders.

May 2022

Community design workshops occur and design finalized. Design presented to the community.

June 2022

Materials purchased and the city begins the process of street preparations.

July 2022

Asphalt artwork implementation and community celebration (exact date TBD).

Upon final selection, the artist(s) will be required to meet with the community stakeholders on at least one occasion (in person or virtually, per current COVID 19 guidelines), complete a site visit, and sign a contract before receiving their first payment. Key dates for community meetings and presentation of concepts for execution will be determined by EPAC and the City of East Providence with input from selected artist or artist teams.