A little bit outdoor art festival, a little like an open studio tour.

COVID-19 has put an end to traditional arts festivals this summer;  it’s sad, but we get it. We want people to be safe. We know artists and creatives rely on these festivals for income. So, we’ve spent the last few weeks thinking of ways that we can help our artists, our community, and the small businesses we all love – while making sure that we adhere to social distancing. We’ve come up with an idea that keeps the Looff alive in 2020: we’re taking the Looff on Tour!

Looff on Tour is a little bit outdoor art festival, a little bit open studio tour. We’re working on a lot of the finer details, but this is the gist: the idea is to have artists outside their homes and studios displaying their work throughout the city. We’ll create maps, so that participants can visit all of their favorite artists and makers (and meet a few new ones).

We’re envisioning a day of exploring our City, of getting to see artists and makers in their element. We’re thinking fun traveling musical acts – and great food and drink options.

We know this isn’t the Looff you’ve come to expect, but, we think we’re onto something here. And we hope you’re as excited as we are to prove that artists are resilient, creative, and a force for good.  Please join us!



Saturday, August 8th


Outside art studios, outside restaurants, outside homes, and in outdoor parks and spaces across East Providence.