In a recent survey, EPAC asked the people of East Providence “What would you like to see happen in East Providence with the arts?”

82% of the people who responded want a space for the performing arts​

We’ll work with the City to explore our options. We’ll apply for every grant and funding opportunity out there.

But, it’s important that you know how grants really work.

The Truth about Grants

Few people know that when you apply for grants, the people handing out the money want to know that you have funds to match (yes, it turns out that it does in fact “take money to make money”). Simply put: if we don’t have any donations, we can’t apply for grants. We just won’t qualify without bringing money to the table.

So, we need your donations, now, before we can apply for grants.

And we don’t mind if all you have is five bucks.

In fact, if 82% of the people of East Providence donate just $5 towards this performing arts center, we’ll have $188,148.

And with that $5 donation, you’ll get to say that you helped make this happen – that part of this belongs to you.

So, got a fiver?

Got a fiver?